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Dental apex locator A precision electronic instrument for measuring the working length of the root canal. Through the guidance of the root measuring instrument, compared with the traditional root canal length X-ray measurement method, the accuracy can be higher, so that the doctor can have an accurate grasp of the root canal length to achieve perfect filling.The measurement is not affected by the root canal environment.Adopt multi-frequency measurement circuit, large-screen reflective color LCD display.It can display the movement track of the root canal file in the root canal, which is intuitive and clear.The machine test accessories can be sterilized at high temperature to prevent cross-infection of patients.With self-check circuit, pre-calibrated data to ensure the accuracy of machine work. Model: LY-i-46 Dental Apex Locator with a clear bright LCD, clear image and different color indicate the trajectory of the file clearly. Battery is rechargeable, don't need replace the battery repeatedly. Folding, easy to adjust the visual angle. Advanced multiple frequency network impeance measurement technology. Automatic calibrating ensures the measure颅mentsare accurate. Technology Data 鈥?Show the movement of the root canal file in the root canal. 鈥?The change of the sound in the measurement can indicate the position of the root canal file in the root canal. 鈥?It is suitable for measuring the length of teeth in various types of odontitis, pulp necrosis, and periaptitis. 鈥?The measurement of the length of the teeth before the crown is repaired. 鈥?Suitable for transplanting or replanting of tooth Length. Dental Apex Locator's component When the file reached the front region of the Apical foramen, the white bars displayed. When the file has gone to the position near by The apical foramen, the green bars displayed. When the file has exceeded the apical foramen, the red bar displayed a continuous deep.Discount Root Canal Treatment Equipment website:

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